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All-size, custom geodesic dome tents for events and much, more

Our wide selection of dome tents (5m – 15m+) are fully customizable. They are perfect for corporate, promotional and marketing events, music festivals, interactive multimedia events – as amphitheaters, for weddings, etc. The tent covers come fully opaque, partly or fully transparent, or with your own personal branding. Tunnels can easily be added to connect clusters of domes to form a mini-village. Doors, windows, skylights and openings of all sizes can be custom installed to fit the project goal. Regardless of the need – we have you covered.

Basic Equipment

Floor system

The floor system is not mandatory, but highly recommended. The floor’s steel construction framework is covered with plywood plates and an anti-slip layer. The framework’s levelling system enables setting up the dome on rough terrain or normally inaccessible locations. The water ballast system provides a solid base for the entire structure.

Interlocking system

Framework attaches firmly to the floor to form one element.

Water ballast

Ensures maximum safety in all weather conditions.

Galvanized steel struts

The struts are made of high quality galvanized steel. The steel pipes are first cut and crimped then galvanized inside and out, then painted.

Paint colors

Steel parts can be painted any of the many colors available from the RAL palette (standard color is white).


Our engineers follow Buckminster Fuller’s tried and proven method of geodesic architecture construction, whereby we can design and assemble structures 15m and more in diameter. The entire manufacturing and production process takes place in our own factory where every part is quality approved. The framework is made from galvanized and painted-steel struts. Covers are long-lasting, highest quality weather-resistant PVC.

PVC shell cover 

Tent covers are made of high-quality weather-resistant PVC and built to last many years. The shell cover is one piece and custom designed to fit an individual dome, which results in a perfect fit and fast assembly time.

Completely Opaque

An opaque cover creates complete shading and blocks sunlight and 100% of UV radiation inside the tent.

Transparent front

The transparent front provides partial shading, more sunlight and visibility of the inside of the tent from the outside.

Fully transparent

Transparent domes are not available in the basic or premium option. Individual pricing, limited availability.

Additional Equipment

Our wide range of custom options and additional equipment and accessories opens endless possibilities with Polidomes constructions.


Our standard circular entrance is perfect for large events. Each door is hoop-shaped to provide additional structural integrity. The door cover for each standard arched entrance is made of sturdy tarpaulin material with a zipper.


Polidomes recommends installation of single or double aluminum glass doors for domes that are to be heated or air conditioned.

Tunnel system

Polidomes arched tunnels enable a cluster of domes to be joined together to form a futuristic looking, mini-village. The size and length of the tunnels are adjusted to the specific need. 

Climate control

POLIDOMES Geodomes have pre-installed vents which enables easy installation of  a climate control system. The installed system is adapted to the size of the dome and the prevailing weather conditions and guarantees optimal interior temperature levels. We make certain our Geodomes offer the highest degree of comfort.

Temperature inside dome tents

Regardless of the climate, season or weather, you can still organize an exclusive event in a Geodome. Create a party venue or the event of your dreams in a dome complete with heating, air-conditioning and other accessories to ensure your guests’ total comfort.

Lighting and sound equipment

POLIDOMES can deliver, install and operate audio-video, lighting and 360° immersive projection equipment. We have all the supplies you need to host a professional event including portable stages and heavy duty power supplies. 

Event Planning and Preparation 

If you need a helping hand, our event planning team are experts at making sure your event is a smooth flowing success from start to finish. Whether you want to organize a grand ball for your company employees or host a multi-media event for your customers, – we are available and happy to help you any way we can.


We deliver anywhere, worldwide and have helped install dome tents in more than 30 countries. We are experts at deliveries of all size structures – and make sure your tent arrives safely – anywhere.


Our professional assembly team will take care of setting up the perfect dome structure for you wherever you need it, so you can focus on what matters most.


Our production facilities are fully equipped to quickly repair damaged structures, covers and all other components. Professional repairs are made using the original materials and are often invisible. If your tent is damaged or discolored by adhesive tape residue, grease or grass, we can undertake a trial restoration.

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Polidome 30

One of the smallest dome tents in our offer, the P30 is easy to set up with just a ladder, a wrench, and a couple helpers. Its compact size means it’s easily packed and transported.

  • Surface Area: 30 m2
  • Diameter: 6.2m
  • Persons standing: 48
  • Seated at tables: 23

Polidome 50

Serving as an amazing pop up or eye-catching trade show booth, the P50 can help you promote your brand and increase your sales results.

  • Surface Area: 50 m2
  • Diameter: 8m
  • Persons standing: 85
  • Seated at tables: 60

Polidome 75

Polidome 75 – As with all Polidomes geodome tent, the P75 can be used in an open format as an event stage – geodesic open dome amphitheatre.

  • Surface Area: 75 m2
  • Diameter: 9.5m
  • Persons standing: 110
  • Seated at tables: 70

Polidome 110

The P110 is a popular choice for wedding eventstrade fairs and other outdoor events with 50 or more attendees. It’s the perfect size for festivals or art exhibitions.

  • Surface Area: 110 m2
  • Diameter: 12m
  • Persons standing: 160
  • Seated at tables: 90

Polidome 150

The P150 is the largest event tent on offer which does not require heavy equipment for installation. Instead, we use our own pneumatic lift.

  • Surface Area: 154 m2
  • Diameter: 14m
  • Persons standing: 195
  • Seated at tables: 140

Polidome 300

The P300 is the most popular outdoor event tent. A P300 often is supported by smaller domes, connected by tunnels to form a city of Geo dome tents.

  • Surface Area: 280 m2
  • Diameter: 19m
  • Persons standing: 450
  • Seated at tables:210

Polidome 500

The P500 provides an exclusive space to make any dream come true. It’s perfect for events requiring flawless execution, such as corporate eventsgrand openings and galas.

  • Surface Area: 480 m2
  • Diameter: 25m
  • Persons standing: 850
  • Seated at tables: 390

Polidome 700

Our biggest party tents give you the space and ability to cater for thousands in the location of your choosing.

  • Surface Area: 706 m2
  • Diameter: 30m
  • Persons standing: 1075
  • Seated at tables: 440